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Top Tip: How to choose between Warm White or Cool Daylight LEDs

If like many, you need to start replacing those incandescent lights in your home, and you are planning to do it with new energy efficient LED bulbs, you will also need to consider which light colour you want.

But let us take a step back…

LED lights are fast replacing the old incandescent light bulbs, and for good reason. LED’s are designed to last much longer, consume less power, be safer because of lower operating temperature and they also provide a greater choice of light colour.

There are many light colour options, measured in Kelvins, and vary from Warm White (comfortable, yellowish light, candle light colour) to a Cool White (Crisp, bright, artificially whiter light colour)

The biggest determining factor when selecting colour of light is application.  Although there is no hard rule around this, and it is mostly a personal preference, here is a basic guide to the areas where Warm and Cool white light are generally used:

Warm White:  Creates a cozy atmosphere, suitable in rustic homes;

  • Living Room
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bedrooms
  • TV Room
  • Dining Room
  • Enhances warm colours and tones

Cool Daylight: Creates a crisp, bright light suitable in more modern homes or spaces where visibility is important.

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Gallery
  • Retail space – grocer

So there you have it in short.

For more information on Warm White vs. Cool Daylight, please check out our video.

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