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Entertaining in the garden: Think about lighting

We loved the article put together by Nikki van Coller in the Dec/Jan Edition of PLAAStoe!  Read an excerpt on the article below or visit for more.

If you are planning to do some entertaining this summer, why not get your garden and outdoor entertainment areas looking their best, so you can host the most successful social outdoor lunches, dinners, kids’ parties, family get-togethers and braais? We are now officially into summer and fast approaching the time of year when we tend to spend more time in the garden, and socialise more. You may even be lucky enough to have a good stretch of time off to spend with friends and family. This month, we look at how to get your outdoor entertainment areas perfect for outdoor entertainment.

Nothing creates a wonderful night-time ambience quite like the right lighting. You can light up walkways beautifully, highlight the prettiest and most interesting areas of the garden, and of course, provide the right lighting for those fabulous dinner parties and braais. Pinterest and other sites have thousands of ideas for outdoor lighting, including for DIY candleholders to hang in trees and place as part of your table setting.

Nexus has a wonderful range of solar out-door lighting available that can turn your garden from darkness into a truly magical space. The Solar Lantern Candle LEDs provide the same type of light as candles, but without the fuss of candle wax, the risk of fire, the expense of replacing candles, or the chance of losing the ambience you’ve created when a gust of wind comes up. There are also garden path light packs, which charge during the day and light up at night, as well as stunning colour changing Lunar Orb lights with spikes for easy moving. Nexus solar ornamental lights – available in butterfly, sunflower and dragonfly designs – add some colour and fun to the night-time garden.

By making a few basic changes and investing a bit of money, time and creativity, you can entertain in absolute style and comfort this summer!

To see some of our solar garden lights in action, click on the videos below…they truly are a bit magical at night!



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